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K100 OPX RGB White and yellow not uniform

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I have examined two copies of the Corsair K100 with OPX switches and on both I saw that White RGB is not uniform on all switches. Some of them have some very little red in them. See the 4 key (some red in it) compared to the 3 key (which is ok) in my photo. In real life the difference is more clear.


Also yellow was not uniform. Blue and red seemed ok to me.


The keycaps are not the problem. It is really the light itself that is not uniform.


Is this 'normal' for the K100 OPX? If so are only OPX switches affected. Or can it also easily happen with K100 with MX Speed switches?


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Hi mm1985,


It's worth noting none of the RGB on our keyboards is inside the switches themselves, it's mounted on the PCB. So this isn't going to be more likely on one switch type than another.


Unfortunately it just sounds like you have some bad LEDs, which can happen every now and then in a batch of keyboards -- we're terribly sorry for your bad luck and experience.


Go ahead and open up a ticket with support using the link at the top of the page, and include the link to this forum post for reference.

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I decided to clean the keyboard by removing the key caps and using a vacuum cleaner. To my surprise it actually fixed the bad LED's. I guess it was caused by dirt. I don't know if the problem was from the beginning as I am the second owner.


It is actually easy for dirt the reach the LED area as the switches are hovering a little above the keyboard.


I already requested a support ticket (2004121947) in the mean time, but I will cancel that once Corsair respond to that.


The other copy of the K100 which also had this problem (one 'bad' LED) I did bought it new and already returned it back to the shop. (After this I bought the copy above from someone else.)

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