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Volume + / - long press not working anymore

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Hi everyone!

I run Windows 10 and own a Corsair Strafe keyboard and a Corsair Scimitar mouse and since nearly one month this issue happens to me:


In my Scimitar mouse I set 3 keys for Volume + Volume - and Mute but long pressing + or - is not working anymore, Volume will only increase o decrease by two at each press.


On the other hand the Fn+F7 Fn+F8 in the keyboard are running perfectly..


Do you have any hint or clue?


Thank you very much!



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Apparently this is an issue for versions above v3.32.80 idk why it's not recognized, but it's really annoying and I hope they fix it.


I reported the bug back in november, and a corsair representative said that they are aware. It's been half a year with no further response...

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