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Bad memory causes system shutdown (?)

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Hi there, I receintly built a system that includes 2 X 512 Corsaid Value Select DDR Ram. For a while I my computer would shut down on its own after performing repetitave tasks (i.e. the second time I'd open a program, the computer would crash). When I say shut down, I mean instantly dark-screen, everything would turn off, except the case fans, cpu fan, and video card fan. The only way to reboot was to remove power to the case, and plug it back in, then turn it on.


To start trouble shooting, I removed one of the sticks of RAM, and the computer worked just fine for a month, until I put it back in (today). Within an hour of putting the 2nd stick of RAM back in, I had the same problem again. I'd like to have this piece replaced if that's possible, because it sure seems to me like it's just a bad stick of RAM.



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