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Help with multiple Hub setup please H115i


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My current setup is;

Commander Pro

6 x Fans (RGB)

CX650F RGB which has an RGB Fan output

All 6 of these fans go to a Corsair RGB Hub (sockets full) included with my case. Which then goes to the Commander Pro (fan power sockets full).

I have bought a cooler (H115i) which include another RGB hub. I have given this extra hub sata power, and plugged the header connection into the Commander(USB (no spare headers on mobo))I have also plugged the PSU fan into the extra hub.

I can not find the extra hub on Icue but the PSU RGB is working as is the cooler RGB (in no way controllable) Is there a way of getting this working without creating an extra USB header connection, by using some sort of daisy chain(which I'm trying)?

My empty connections on the commander pro are;


1 x USB

4xTemp. Thanks!

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There are no AIO coolers that come with a RGB Lighting Hub. The H115i Elite comes with an external fan and lighting controller called a Commander Core, but there are 7 other coolers with 'H115' in the name. Can you clarify what cooler this is and what the hub might be?


A USB connection is required for the device to communicate with the software. No USB, no control. Those new RGB PSUs appear to have a couple of different lighting modes. If there is no software/connection present, the RGB button on the back will shuffle you through some presets (hardware mode). In order access it in CUE (software mode) it must be connected to a controller and then that controller to the MB via USB, either directly or through the Commander Pro passthrough ports.

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