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LS100 350mm Strips Issue when attempting to set up inside my PC Case

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Hi everyone


Currently got an issue with the LS100 350mm strips simply getting it set up.


So I have the 2 strips connected together via the Y splitter and the extension that comes in the box, to the Spec-Omega RGB's specific lighting node pro (which in itself is connected to a SATA port and a USB header on my motherboard, the external strip of the case works fine). I've also tried connecting the strips directly to my Commander Pro as well and still does not come on.


I've followed the tutorial on YouTube setting these up and followed exactly how these are set up in iCUE (selecting external RGB strips, 2 350mm strips in the lighting setup) but these still won't turn on.


Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this or any support from Corsair?


Thanks in advance.

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Managed to resolve this via Reddit. They basically said the splitter cable is only used to ensure the loop of strips have enough power. So in the end I've replaced the splitter cable with extension cables that come with the kits and now both of my LS100 strips work great.
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