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Tiny bubbles in XD5 resevoir

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AS far as I googled it, not really an issue. But since this my first time doing a custom loop, Im just coming here for re-assurance that it doesnt mean anything? Pic:




Got rid of all other air bubbles by gently tilting the case. But those doesnt seem to go away? Leak tested 8 hours full pump speed. No issues.


A couple of curiosity questions also:


3080 strix OC idle temp 28 in ambient 21. As expected?


10850K idle temp 33 in ambient 21. Also as expected?


Reservoir temp when idle 28 in ambient 21. Also as expected?


The pump/fan profile when using the Icue hydro X wizard is really weird in terms of it setting or is just me? (I dumped it and set everything manually instead).

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Temps look good, but in idle it doesn't mean anything :)

You'll have to see how the GPU does under load.


As for the hydro X wizard, it is at best useless.

I suspect Corsair made it to generate traffic in the forum, from people asking for help.

Custom loop -> custom profile. Tweak temps/noise to your liking, there's no single profile that can fit all :)

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No reason not to use your own custom curves for pump and fans. There is no way to create a singular preset that works for all configurations, number of blocks, radiators, vertical travel, etc.


I would say all the hardware temps are normal. The 28C reservoir temp would be a bit high for 21C, but only if it's actually 21C in the case. More likely the area around it is 25-26C and that would be more as expected. You can stick an extra temp probe from the Commander Pro somewhere down there and get a reading.

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