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115i capellix no rgb on pump

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Rgb works on everything else except pump.


Specs, x570 tomahawk, 680x case, and 5900x cpu. All firmware and bios updated.



Pump appears to be working. Just no rgb. Not when I boot up, not when I install windows, not when I am running wins.


Connected to USB header, cpu header, commander pro. Triple double checked all wire connection and sata connection points. All good. Fans all spinning.


Should I try USB super charger app from msi? Maybe it gives it more power through the USB header on mobo?

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Update. First I had a 100i not 115i. I order a brand new one on bestbuy. Re did everything. And it works. The h100i elite shows up on icue instead of commander pro unlike previous install.


Only thing I noticed now is corsair saying pump is running at 2200 rpm, on quiet setting. That doesn't seem right. Extreme bumps it to 2800. Is that normal?

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You didn’t mention the AIO pump was not showing up in CUE — only the Commander Core base. That would have narrowed it down to the special AIO cable, but this was likely an easier remedy.


The low (Quiet) pump speed is 2200 rpm and the high/extreme is about 2800. It’s a fairly narrow range. The Elite has more density in the cooling block for better performance, but that isn’t going allow you to run 1000 rpm on the pump and have the liquid lingering in there.

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