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iCUE Does Not Detect Fans

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Only the Commander Core that comes with the new Elite coolers uses an auto-detect for RGB lighting type. You must designate the fan type and number of fans in the Lighting Set-up tab. The 465x comes with 3 LL fans up front and the Lighting Node Pro and RGB Hub are the controller and 5v power.


I am not sure how your "H100i" fits into this. There are 7 or so different models with that base name, most of which are not RGB fan capable. If you have the new Elite, then you do have a Commander Core and this is a different conversation. If you have the Platinum (black), then you also have 2 ML-RGB fans you likely want to keep on the AIO RGB and fan controllers. If you have the white Platinum SE, then you probably want to add the 2 LL from that unit to the 3 up front so they make a group of 5 and change the Lighting Set-up accordingly.

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