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Requesting a dialed in suggestion please!


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Hello all!


I recently purchased the following combo:


ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming Wifi


Intel Core i9-10900K




I am interested in buying some Corsair DDR4-3600 instead. Which 32 GB kit will allow me to run at full 3600 and be bang for my buck? Would I really notice much of a difference if I do upgrade? I know which are compatible but get mixed feedback on the compatible modules running at full speed from my research. Thanks!

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Intel's memory controller rarely cause any issues. Most problems you read about are on Ryzen.


As for performance, it depends. In game you won't notice much maybe 1 or 2 FPS here and there, some games like it more than others. In benchmarks, it helps more though, but, that's only if you care about scores with little RL effect :)



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