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Quico question about Scimitar RGB Elite

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I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed before.


Recently got a corsair scimitar rgb elite. Remapped my 1-12 mouse side buttons with the keystroke function to the keys I want them to be. Saved them in the hardware actions so I can use them without running icue. Then overwrote one of three hardware profiles (built into the mouse memory so they can run without icue) with the profile I just created and deleted the other 2 so I don't accidently switch between them. Closed icue and violá, everything runs perfectly. The remapped keys work, the DPI is exactly how I set it to be, everything's going smooth and responsive in game also.


Now here comes the issue. Last night I was watching a streamer who uses a scimitar also and each time he pressed a button, it looked like he spammed that ability with godlike speed which was especially obvious when the ability was on cooldown, 'cause It prompted a lot of "ability is not ready yet" messages in no time. Meaning, it looked like he was constantly clicking on it with super speed. I automatically assumed he was mashing his keyboard until he said he was just holding down his corsair side button and it automatically spammed it for him. How does he do that? Once I get into game and hold one of my ability buttons, it just uses it once. I need to repeatedly spam the side button for the ability to be spammed in game. While this dude just holds his button and it looks like he is clicking that **** with 100000 actions per minute.


I instantly went to my remapped keys and couldn't find any option for it. Is he using macro instead of key remap? Aren't macros bad because they cause in-game delay?

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Hi lubyyy,


I was able create a simple Shift-1 bind to a side button now and if held down in notepad, it will repeat that character !!!!! endlessly until released. I think it's either going to depend on your game, or how you created the bind possible. Your best bet here is to open a ticket with support, and include some screenshots of your keybind in iCUE for review.

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