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MP600 randomly disconnected then died

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Like many others here, I faced many problems with my MP600 1 TB bought in November 2019 :

- BSOD during gaming with SSD not recognized in BIOS after reboot. Solved by changing from slot M2_1 to M2_2 which is further from the GPU despite no high temperature seen on SSD (~50 °C during gaming)

- less frequent random disconnections even in slot M2_2 until I changed the performance profile from "balanced" to "Ryzen high performance"

- worked fine for some months

- 3 days ago, the PC suddenly rebooted in BIOS and the SSD was not rebooting until I have done a NVME test in BIOS. It happened 4 times in 2 days.

- the last time : I was never able to reboot. I booted on windows install USB key and tried a CHKDSK but it was not able to correct bad clusters (message not enough space despite drive only 50% full). I event tried Diskpart but the disk was not seen anymore. It looks like the SSD is dead after only 15 months ... :mad:


there was no critical errors seen in SMART when I checked the last time I was able to boot in windows.


I raised an RMA request to the support and ordered an Samsung 980 Pro for my main disk as I don't to take the risk of having to reinstall all windows and apps.

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I tested the BIOS reset but no change : the SSD was seen and it passed the full test under BIOS but it is not bootable neither detected by diskpart when booting on Windows install USB key.

I think it is definitely dead.

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Sounds like my issue, exact the same. Disconnect during usage, very clean smart values. But my system does not even pass the self test in BIOS.


Moved it to another system and... Seen in BIOS but shows 0Bytes in size. Today RMA and ordered an 980 Pro. This was my first non Samsung drive and my oldest Samsung has still 96% health after 11 years of usage, my first Corsair SSD failed just after 11 months.

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