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H115i Elite Capellix 280 fans not spinning

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One of my fans stops spinning after boot up. RGB lighting still on.

whats weird is if I move the plug to a different socket the fan will spin for a few seconds and come to a complete stop shortly after.


I have followed the guide to installation. Also the affected fan doesn't show up on icue sometimes.


also moving the rgb strip on a working fan to a different rgb header sometimes makes the the non spinning fan spin.


I have also tried moving the non spinning fan connector to a different socket which results in a short spin and stop.


and even more weird is that If I switch plug 1 and plug 2 the opposite happens. the affected fan starts spinning, while the fan that was working fine stops spinning.


I also have 1 additional fan connected to port 6 which is a standard corsair pwm fan. sp140.


Anybody else having this issue? I have tried google and the forums and nothing works for me.


I also have the latest icue software

usb suspended off

tried different sata power and usb header connections

and both fan works fine on the mb.


Is the commander the fault here? my return window is march 13th but I would like to avoid it if at all possible.

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Also note that the fans do spin upon startup. I have windows lock screen and after signing in the rgb turns off for a split moment. then the rgb comes back on awhile one of the fans shuts off. the affected fan doesn't show on icue.


Also They both seem to work fine at one point in the early days of ownership. I could see both fans operation and adjustable on the icue.


but a little time afterwards I notced one of my fans not spinning. thus coming here to posting about it.


does corsair do early replacement swap? where they send in a product before I send my affected product back? I do not want to have any down time as the h115 capellix requires commander pro to run. Thank you for your support. I also contacted amazon and they'll do a phone call with me and one of corsairs support representative. We'll see what solutions they have to offer.


At this point I'm just thinking about purchasing a new one and returning the old.

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