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is my ML120 Pro RGB Broken? :(

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Hi All


So i have a 4000x Case with the included Lighting Node Core and Commander Pro.


My Fans (3 that came with the case and a 4th which is the ML120 Pro RGB) are connected to the commander pro for their power.


Then all 4 fans rgb cables are plugged into the Node Core that came with the 4000x Case.


Node Core USB is plugged into the Commander Pro's 1st USB Port Header and the Commander Pro is plugged into a USB Header on my mobo. My old H100i XT is plugged into the 2nd USB Header on the Commander Pro.


Everything shows up in iQue but my ML120 has a stuck on a blue light and the rest of the led's on the ML120 change color?


Here are some pics have i done something wrong? :(:







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The ML fan has 4 LEDs versus the fans that came with the 4000X have 8 LEDs and are completely different fans. You can't mix different RGB fans on the same controller and you would need a completely different RGB control setup for the single ML fan you have installed.
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Ahh i see


So now ive changed things completely


I bought a H100i Elite Capellix that comes with 2x ML120's? and the Commander Core so me adding a 3rd ML120 i bought separately should work on that Commander Core?


Ignore the 3 fans that came with the 4000x they are disconnected for now.


This is what i get in icue with the 2 Capellix Fans and 1 ML120 plugged in.


GIF Here - https://imgur.com/a/PVeVmUf











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