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Sound while pressing specific keys

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Dear forum members,

I have bought a Strafe MK II RGB some weeks ago and since some days I encounter on some keys weird sounds while pressing them slow. Its the same like in this video: [ame]


The SteelSeries Apex M500 i had before didnt use to make any sound. Sounds like compressing a Spring. I already opened a Ticket on the Corsair system but since days nobody replied there.

I also checked the german forum and decided to post it here instead, since german support is not happening as it seems.


May u make me happy a happy customer again or should I pick a Ducky keyboard or DasKeyboard in future? Ill return the keyboard if nobody is going to reply on this.


greetings from germany.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi aZej,


It's definitely the spring in the switch. We aren't equipped to handle tickets via the forums unfortunately -- what is your ticket number however, and I will try to make sure it gets assigned to someone today and get it moving along for you?

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Hey :)

Well, I already got in contact with someone, the Ticket number is 2004087286

I was told, springs, squeaky sounds are normal at the support. I really hope this just is a misunderstanding, because it is so baldy annoying to me.


Best wishes to all of you!

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