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Dark Core RGB Pro Middle Button not lighting/behaving right

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I recently upgraded my Harpoon mouse to the Dark Core RGB Pro. On the Harpoon, the "middle button" (directly below the scroll/wheel) lit up with assigned DPI modes/settings and pressing the button would change/scroll through various DPI modes.


I installed the Dark Core RGB and the middle button behaves completely different - it does not light up (unless being charged, then it is green OR when turned on or reconnecting, then it is white).


Pressing the button no longer scrolls through the various DPI modes/settings but turns off all lights across all iCUE connected devices (mouse pad, keyboard, mouse, headphone stand).


Any ideas if/how I can change this button's behavior? In the settings in iCUE I cannot even select the button to assign it or map it...



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Ah, I see! So it is "expected behavior" :) I did reread the getting started guide and it appears I just misread the chart that outlines the DPI and other settings. Thanks for your help, this was driving me bonkers!
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