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LL RGB fans issue

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As you can see in the pictures only one of the fans RGB working properly,the other one only upper part working

-I noticed one of the connectors 4-pin for the RGB is actually only 3-pin

As in picture 1 , but also when I switch between the connectors the upper one won't work and the one down is in same status.


i tried with icue software , but it keeps same colors, yellow and red


I only connected the fans to the connectors of the cooler Hi RGB PLATINUM SE , i dont have a RGB hub.


I Tried to connect each fan directly to the motherboard, same issue.


I contacted the help service and said i better return it to amazon but that would cost much money since i bought the cooler from UK Amazon , not the local amazon of my country.


any suggestion to solve this , or should i just buy new set of fans ?:(:





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