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High CPU temperatures with H110i GTX

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I have far more higher CPU temps with my H110i GTX than expected.


CPU I7 5820K overclocked 4.4Ghz (1.23V) and Cache 3.9Ghz (1.28V).


Temperatures according HWmonitor 1.43:




Several things checked with a ambient temp of 20C;


-CPU iddle, CPU temp 24C and coolant temp 24,5C

-Bench stress test CpuZ for 10 minutes, CPU temp 52C, coolant temp 29C.



But then, OCCT 4.5.1 Linpack+avx test for 1 hour. Results are showing in the attachment.

Pump 3000 rpm, fan 1620-1800 rpm and the coolant temp never exceed 33C....


Will a reseat with new thermal paste do it better or use other program for monitoring and which one?



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The difference between the CPU-Z and OCCT Linpack tests shows that your BIOS/CPU is responding in a different way, most likely with more voltage in some key areas. It's been a while since I used X99 and I don't see it straight off from the data. This is most likely do to the specific AVX instructions in use in OCCT. When I run 4.5.1 Linpack without and the current CPU-Z stress test, OCCT is actually lower on my 10900K. Adding AVX back in increases package temp by a lovely 15C after the 1 min RAM loading phase.


The cooler is seated properly or the CPU-Z test would be untenable. That is a pretty good return. As far as the cooler goes, the key factor is CPU power output (not temperature) with "X watts" required to raise the coolant temp by 1C, less the amount the radiators and fans are able to blow off somewhere else. The coolant temp rise for the 10 minute and 1 hr tests are in line with expected results.


Your CPU temps are surely related to the AVX instructions. My recollection is X99 did not handle it as well as current processors, but that is not my area. The cooling is and there is no gain for you in terms of CPU contact, coolant, or AIO performance. If you need to use programs making heavy use of AVX instructions, you will need to keep tight control over your voltages in order to keep the final CPU temp down.

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Hi, thanx for your respons!


After all, I was curious what the result would be if I reseat (Thermal-Grizzly) the piump.


The old paste was barely covering the half of the surface.......

After reapplying the paste the results are now in line with my expectations.




Conclusion: It can be worth to check your paste.



Thanks for all the help.


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