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H100i V2, "Driver Unavailable" Corsair Link and ICUE do not see it

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Windows Device manager displays a yellow exclamation for the H100I V2, has worked well for a couple years, but now windows says it is missing a driver. Neither ICUE or Corsair Link seem to see it. My system is working fine otherwise and is cooling well enough I just can not monitor it with the software or have its LED indicate the temperature. I have removed it from device manager and let it refresh, same deal. I have reseated all the connections and the same results.


Any suggestions?

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They no longer Provide Drivers on the site, that I could find, they refer you to the corsair link. Which does not see it.


We will save the windows reinstall for last, while its not the whole day event it once was its still non a desirable option.


I will try the cold boot choice, never seem to need to before but its windows so anything goes.

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