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After nine years I am no longer getting the cooling from my original H60 cooling system (2nd edition). My system still works great. I have an i7-3770 and 24 gigs of Ram and recently installed a GTX 970 Ti. So, I am just replacing the cooler and radiator combo.


Can I just leave the existing backplate and spacers in place and screw on the new cooler? Or, do I have to replace everything? I'd rather not have to take the entire motherboard out. The main reason I ask is that it seems like there is some type of heat-pad on the backplate that maybe needs to be new as well.



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You didn't mention what you are replacing the H60 with, but unless it is another H60 from before 2018, you will need to replace the backplate as well. The mounting system needs to match from and back and using one half from one product and one half from another is sure to lead to trouble. This includes the H60 (2018) that is a new version of the model.
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Taking a chance (and since I could see no reason why not), I left the backing plate with the mounting studs still attached as they were. I did perform a delicate hand turn of each one to make sure it was snug.


I then placed the new cooler on top of the CPU and the screws. I tightened the thumbscrews until everything was nice and tight. Since the new cooler has a pad of conductor already attached I did not need to add any thermal paste.


Lastly, I left the existing 120mm Corsair fan in place instead of installing the new one that came with the kit. The existing fan's power cord was so neatly placed and zip-tied, it was worth just leaving it.


The result: 2 weeks and I haven't broken 50 degrees C whereas I was consistently in the 70s before and hitting the 80s. No more racing fans and slowdowns - she's purring like a kitten again.


Best to all.:biggrin:

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