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Mem Purchase Version Mismatch - Advice Needed

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Hi All,


I need some professional advice on if this is ok or if I should pressure the retailer to exchange.


I purchased two kits of 2x 8Gb DDR4 Vengence Pro 3600mhz CL18 AMD Optimised RAM - note I didn't see it being sold as a kit of 4 sticks.


On arrival both sets had the same model number cmw16gx4m2z3600c18, HOWEVER, one kit was version 3.31 (micron die) and the other version 8.31 (nanya die). There was no mention of versions on the website.


On this forum, I can see that many people advising against mixing versions, but the retailer is refusing to help, saying it will be fine as timings are the same.


My questions:

-What would you do in this situation?

-Is it ok to run the two diff versions like this?

-What downsides do I need to be aware of because of this?


Thanks All.

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Return and get a kit of 4x8.

It "can" work with different ICs, yet chances are it won't since they are from different manufacturers. Regardless what the vendor tries to tell you: They are not the same thing, they are 2 different kits that are capable of running the same primary timings and frequency. They will differ in pretty much every other timing and therefore most likely not be able to be run together, at least on XMP.

Any car can run 100kmh, but that does not make them all the same.

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  • Corsair Employees

We do not recommend mixing separate memory kits as it can often cause stability issues. Memory with the same speed, timings, and voltage would net your best chance of not having a stability issue.


As Infin1tum said; your best bet in the vast majority of instances is to use a single kit, rather than mixing.

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