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G'day all,


I have recently bought a barely used H110i for my machine (I'm confined to buying most things second hand that are above $100AUD), but unfortunately I didn't get the AMD mounting bracket for the pump to the CPU. The seller did throw in his bracket for his newly acquired H115i (he uses Intel), but I am totally unsure and a bit confused as to whether this will work. I have been looking online for the past day or so and some say the H115i bracket is the same as the H110i, and then others say they definitely are not.


So I have come to the guru's of all thing Corsair to ask for some help.


Please, what bracket do I need?


My Board is an Asus B450 Plus

Running Ryzen 5 1600


Do I need to give any other details?


This is my first attempt at running anything other than a air cooled component, so I want to be sure I have what I need.

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The problem is there are about 7 different "H115" coolers spanning several product generations. They don't all have the same mounting kit and many are physically different. I am not sure what you have.


It should look like this: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cooling/Hydro-Series%E2%84%A2-H60-H80i-H100i-H110i-AMD-Mounting-Bracket/p/CW-8960011

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