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Distro Plates for the 5000 Series


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Hi folks,


I've got my Corsair 5000X RGB TG today and I'm very happy with it.

I'm just wondering if Corsair will release a distro plate for the 5000 Case Series?

It would be awesome if there is a option to place a distro plate at the rear side of the case where normally those 3 x 120mm Fan brackets are.


If not, is there any option to mount a EK-Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 DDC flat reservoir from EKWB?


Thanks for the answers and cheers!


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I don't believe a FLT pump res would fit in that position. The case has no clearance behind the side mounting, and the D5 pump protrudes by 46mm (not counting cables that pop out of the back).

If you install the provided brackets to have the pump clear the back panel, the reservoir would collide with the front fans, even worse if you have a rad there.

The only mounting option i see would be to use the angled brackets to install the rad to the front fans, with the reservoir flat against the side glass door (using the bottom in/out ports). That would have the advantage to allow you to use the side intake for fans.

If you're really set in having a reservoir on the side mount, there's still the option to install a flat reservoir, and have a standalone D5 pump mounted to the bottom of the case too.

It's custom sooo got to take that ruler, take measurements, plan what fits :)


As for distro plates, they are very niche market, usually big companies do not make these. low sales numbers, high development and manufacturing costs.. bad business for the bean counters.

But it may come from other manufacturers since the 5000 is pretty much the best case Corsair released in.. years, and very popular.

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Hi there, I'm waiting on answers about the 5000D before pulling the trigger on multiple builds in this case, I build for others and I think the case may be able to fit all the requirements :)

I'm very much interested in a distro plate that would fit in the bracket next to the motherboard also.

Since EK have made one for the 1000 I'm hoping they're already working on one for the 5000, which I'd imagine will be shifting _many_ more units...

If anyone knows of another distro that would go well in that side position, please let us know!

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Thank you very much for your answer. I will get my measurement and will post an article about it.


Greeting Ledronnie


Any progress on the measurements @Ledronnie?

Could you measure the distance from the side bracket to the door cover behind it, from inside the case, including the bracket itself?

From the look of the manual for the pumpless EK- Quantum Kinetic FLT 360 D5/DDC Body D-RGB


It looks like you could get just the resevoir, mounted directly on the inside of the bracket without the mounting kit, and then fit a thin DDC pump on the back.

Those are 38mm thick including the housing which you don't use, so I'm pretty hopeful this would actually work ok in the case...


I'd love to get a distro with the pump on the rear, so much more elegant, otherwise I'd want to hide it below the top of the PSU shroud level, out of sight...

This Bykski plate would work so well in this case, given the grille patterns:




Having watched Provoked Prawn's build here: [ame]


look at 2:50, bottom right, and 10:01-10:15..then how much the bracket is inset at 13:25... all these mm add up.. 5 of inset, 2 of bracket, 25 of fan, plus the space up to the front fans.

it looks like there's a fair bit of "headroom" when side fans are installed, up to where the side of front 360 fans would be mounted..

If you were to reverse the side fan bracket, screw it "inside" the case rather than onto the outside of the places designed for that, then screw in the FLT directly to that bracket, maybe with some standoffs, I'd be surprised if the space thats in total available, if you measure from the side of a front-mount 120 fan, to the inside of the right panel through the bracket, isn't sufficient to place the FLT with DDC on the back.

Please, OP, please fit a 120 into a front bay, then measure from the side of it furthest from glass through to the outside right panel, fitted on, and let us know total usable mm!

I'm seeing a 360 push-pull in the top, distro or FLT in the side, and 360 push or pull in the front.. in my dreams

laso looks like theres plenty of room to squeeze an lcd between the psu shroud and the glass... im droolin..




Let us know! thanks :))

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I have great news! :)


Distro for side and front and even a res for the top!!!!





Top is gorgeous but heeeeeeelll no lol


That's enough for me to order the case. One way or another I'll get a stunning build out of this.

I'd still prefer to have the bykski hex distro, with ddc pump on the back, if it fits..

OP please measure available space in that corner! :)) :whip:

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