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The big failure of Corsair's ambient lighting

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From here I call all the people who do not work well the ambient lighting of the LS100, so that we protest together. Leave here your protest, your comment.

Yes gentlemen, that is how sad reality is. We invested a lot of money in CORSAIR ambient lighting to have LEDs that turn on when they want and not always. It's reality. Gentlemen of CORSAIR, I know that this post will not be to your liking, but I hope you do not delete it. Let us express ourselves and update the software so that we do not have errors. It is not explained that it worked since August, and now it has not worked for a month

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ya lo he solucionado yo solo. el problema es que una de las tiras de leds ha muerto parcialmente. la he quitado y ya funciona todo lo demás. La tira en cuestión solo se enciende completa cuando lleva unos minutos sin electricidad, cuando la pones y pasan unos minutos se congela media tira. si la apagas y la enciendes ya solo enciende la otra media. Señores de CORSAIR, no podían haberme ayudado?
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My LS100 setup was working flawlessly up until March 2021. Now only partially follow the profile set. I have to manually unplug them in order for them to turn off.


They have not responded to any of my other comments on this forum and it appears I am not the only one with these issues.

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