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Need advice with iCue and 4000x Case setup


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I have a new build that I just completed. I’m brand new to RGB setup and configuration so forgive me but I have a few issues I was hoping somebody might be able to help me with. I don’t know if they are related issues, compatibility issues, software issues, product defects or all of the above. My components are as follows:


Corsair 4000x RGB case with 3 Stock RGB fans in front

-it came with one Corsair Commander pro and 1 RGB hub with 6 ports three of which 3 ports were already preinstalled by the front 3 RGB fans


Asus ROG STRIX z590 RGB motherboard (Runs Aura Sync)


Corsair Vengence Pro RGB memory (4x16)


Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE AIO cooler

-The 2 LL120 fans RGB connections are plugged into the Cooler block connections. I tried plugging these RGB connections into the RGB hub slots 4 and 5 but it didn’t seem to work properly so I plugged it back into the water cooler RGB control as per the AIO instructions.


Rear LL120 RGB exhaust fan (this was installed last. See below)


After the build was complete with an Asus ROG STRIX Z590 RGB motherboard prior to installing iCue I fired it up and everything lit up and looked cool. Aura sync must have been in charge and there was a nice synced up rainbow pattern across all fans. Memory was also a rainbow pattern. Everything seemed cool. I downloaded iCue and then things started to get out of sync.



1. After downloading iCue it seems to have detected all of my equipment. The AIO cooler, the memory, the commander pro and the motherboard but the three front RGB fans were not illuminated. When I clicked the commander pro and set up lighting channel number one with three fans I had to select what type of fans they are. I have no idea.

2. It seems no matter which fans I choose I am unable to display any lighting effects when I’m trying to set up the commander pro. My three front RGB fans only come on when I click the H100i AIO at the top in iCUE. And then for some reason the middle fan displays the same wave pattern as the top and bottom fan but it’s out of sync. If I click back to the commander pro the three front lights go off. Meanwhile the 2 Fans on the AIO are operating fine the whole time.

So then I uninstalled iCue and everything started displaying that very nice rainbow wave pattern across all fans again. So everything was back to normal and seemed to be working except I still wanted to be able to use iCue at some point but oh well. Case looked cool again.

3. I got my hands on a LL120 RGB to use as an exhaust. After I installed it I plugged it into slot number 4 on the RGB hub and powered up the rig. The fan spun but would not light up. And for some reason 1/2 of the ring on one of the LL120 cooler fans wouldn’t illuminate. I downloaded iCue again and went back to the commander pro, told it I had 4 fans instead of three but had no idea what to put for fans now since I had 3 stock case fans and a different LL120 now hooked up on the same hub and channel. Basically it didn’t matter because all four of the fans wouldn’t light up anyway unless I selected that they were LL series fans and even then I couldn’t change any of the lighting patterns again. Immediate lighting worked but if I wanted rainbow wave sync All the lights would only come on when I clicked the all-in-one cooler up top in iCue and again the middle front fan had the same pattern as the other two but it was out of sync.


Sorry for the wordy description but I’m trying to be helpful in describing what’s happening so that maybe somebody can give me the proper advice. Bottom line is how do I get iCue to work properly given my configuration? Do I need to be plugging the LL 120 fans from the cooler and exhaust into their own RGB hub and make that channel 2? And what am I supposed to select for the type of fans for channel one? I have no idea what type of fans the 4000X comes with.


Any/All advice is appreciated

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For the fans that came with the case you will need to set it to SP RGB Pro/Elite Series RGB Fans. You will not be able to mix the additional LL RBG Fan you installed in the rear on the same controller and have the effects work as they should since the fans that came with the case have a different LED count than the LL Series RGB fans. If you wish to control the RGB of the additional LL Series fan you will need an additional 6-port RGB Fan LED Hub to use in Lighting Channel 2 (LED 2) on the Commander Pro;.
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Thought I'd give an update... I got the second RGB Hub as suggested above and installed it today. My case fans are on one hub now and my LL120 fans from my AIO cooler and exhaust fan are on the other. Everything is working flawlessly. Thanks so much for the help!
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