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iCUE and Asus Motherboard

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to start, I've read all the post on the forum on that. I've tried installing the old plugin, changing the order of installation, removing armory crate and install aura sync, the Argb header still isn't controlled.


I have a Asus tuf gaming x570-pro. I've updated to latest driver and bios. right now, I can control the rams and the LED on the board (had the same result with armory crate + iCUE) but the rgb header doesn't respond (fan keep on default rainbow).


I just followed the thread that show how to do a clean uninstall of armory crate and iCUE, which I did, and still no go on the argb header. ASUS mobo plugin in iCUE with aura sync installed, not armory crate.


I've tried


https://forum.corsair.com/v2/showthread.php?t=192310&page=3 (had the same problem with red triangle on ram)






Weird thing is I managed once to make it work, like I closed the software and the fan (argb connector) all changed to the color I had set. But once I restarted the software, no joy....

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yeah just saw afterward. But now, I'm having other issue that's driving me nuts. The iCUE software just stop controlling the ram and I get a red triangle.


Since iCUE doesn't control (yet???) the 5v argb, it's 7 fan that aren't controlled by iCUE and only 6 little LED behind the board that is controlled by it and the RAM. Thus, here's what I'm looking to have:


Armory Crate controlling motherboard led and argb header

iCUE for the RAM.


Is that possible?


I removed the asus plugin from my iCUE install folder and now I don't see the Asus Mobo anymore (which is ok since I don't want iCUE to control it).


In armory crate, I don't see corsair ram since I don't have the plugin installed. But still, I get that red triangle and animation stop working.


I armory crate uninstall tool, removed corsair and all registry/folders, installed aura sync with services, aura sync never worked (launch but no UI appear). iCUE still had the same bug where ram stop "working".


I tried forcing a firmware update on the ram, no go......

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Even if the Asus don't see the ram? It's not even showing in Armory Crate


Yes even if the Asus software doesn't see the DRAM it is still attempting to establish and maintain a connection with the DRAM RGB and will conflict with iCUE. You cannot run both software suites at the same time.

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Just wondering if there is something in the works from Corsair to bridge the gaps in 3rd party support and Corsair (lack of) support for ARGB headers.


From a business standpoint it doesn't make sense to simply modify the software, i get that. Perhaps another option would be to have a device similar to the Commander Pro, or the Lighting Node that has compatibility with BYO LEDs. This way, Corsair makes money, and many more satisfied people will be able to customize their systems using Corsair Products.


People have been wanting ARGB Support for ASUS motherboards in iCue for over a year...and I am one of them. iCue has great customization options, and can do a better job of Zoning RGB Lighting overall (Armoury Crate is terrible), but the lack of ARGB Support makes iCue useless for me for most of my lighting control (my H100I Pro, K55, and M65 use iCue)


Please, for the love of all that is good in the world. Throw us a bone here. If nothing Else, have an officially supported adapter for the Commander Pro, or Lighting Node that will allow us to use our 3rd party ARGB Lights with iCue.

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Let me reply for them, refer to the pinned post. Corsair doesn't want to do ARGB headers. It works on many board, but doesn't work on way too many. And the fact that Asus Armory Crate and Corsair ICUE doesn't play well together is a real pain. At least, if you don't want to make something work, stop crashing for no reason and stop crashing when there's armory crate installed...
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Well in fact, that's a bad thing for them. Asus make motherboard and GPU. Thus, the basic software in computer will be those to control the motherboard and GPU. These 2 main device, Corsair doesn't make. Corsair make RAM, but if I have a choice between a software only for RGB on my ram and other that control fan, rgb, cpu and many other component, I will choose the later. They also make PSU, another thing that only have RGB and no other configuration.


So what else is remaining? The peripherals, mouse and keyboard, headphones and such. While these are all important stuff, it's nowhere near important as GPU and Motherboard. Thus, both are more complementary then rivals, that's the thing.


And even there, they have everything to win by working together. Why? Well, people with corsair hardware will go to other maker like msi, gigabyte and such. Asus loose all sells. And people with Asus board will then look to asus peripherals, razers, logitech, etc...


In fact, the competition in peripherals is way higher then in boards and gpu. There's less different brand of gpu and boards then there is of peripheral. Thus, locking you out of compatibility with a board brand is a big mistake.


I myself was looking at corsair 350$ keyboard but the icue software is so unreliable that I won't trust it to have my keymap and macro in it. I'll go with a cheaper razer or maybe a logitech although I don't see any logitech that appeal to me.

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