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Virtuoso SE - 3.5mm cable leads to all sounds going into audio input

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Virtuoso SE wireless @ https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Gaming-Headsets/Wireless-Headsets/VIRTUOSO-RGB-WIRELESS-High-Fidelity-Gaming-Headset/p/CA-9011180-NA




With 3.5mm jack connected to any computer's microphone input, all computer sounds go into the audio input as if they came from the microphone.


**How to test:**


1. Switch off wifi mode

2. Don't connect a USB cable to the headset

3. Physically disconnect the USB microphone from the headset

4. Connect a 3.5mm cable to a computer's input and output 3.5mm sockets via a cable split

5. Run Windows Voice Recorder and start recording

6. Start a YouTube video, or a Spotify song or anything that produces sounds; let it run for 10 seconds.

7. Stop Voice Recorder

8. Play the recording back and you can hear the muffled sounds from whatever you were playing


(optional) 9. Repeat the above, but disconnect the 3.5mm cable - the problem will be gone.




This produces the same problematic result:


1. Plugging the 3.5mm cable into different computers and devices:

1.1. A laptop's 3.5mm 4-pin input socket

1.2. A desktop's onboard 3.5mm input and output sockets via a split cable

1.3. GSX 1000's (connected via USB) 3.5mm input and output sockets


Other stuff:


1. iCUE says latest version of the headset firmware and dongle firmware

2. Same problematic result with the dongle connected or not

3. Audio enhancements on the playback devices enabled or disabled - no difference

4. I've tested two identical Virtuoso models - same problem


**Most important:**


- The problem goes away as soon as I disconnect the 3.5mm cable from the Virtuoso headsets.


- Connecting another 3.5mm headset (Sennheiser) **doesn't produce such problem** - so it's not Windows or software settings as all tested headsets are completely passive and not connected via anything but 3.5mm.


I've got a tech support ticket created, but unfortunately it's a back-and-forth with no progress.

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