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So what is the MP600 write speed these days?

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All 3 links are for the CSSD-F500GBMP600.


Corsair site says: SSD Max Sequential Write CDM Up to 2,500MB/s

Amazon says: write speeds of up To 2, 500MB/S in the title. The "Write speed" spec missed the 2 apparently. I'll poke someone about this.

SCAN says: 2500MB/s Write


For the Corsair site, I can see where the confusion comes from. I'll ask the respective team, but I believe that's referencing the max of the MP600 drive series and not a specific model, hence why a specific SKU's not listed. It should probably be clarified to reference the series in general.


The 1 and 2TB drive product pages have 4250 MB/s as their max sequential write CDM - not the 500 GB. The tech specs tabs have the details for the product.

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