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So, how is next-gen iCue testing going?


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I periodically come back to iCue forums to see progress and unfortunately it seems the front page is constantly filled with errors, bugs, old issues resurfacing. It's kind of validating my decision to just remove iCue entirely and go to Open RGB to control lighting my system & components, even though it's no where near as feature rich as iCue.


There were a laundry list of issues I had with iCue such as:


  • Small list of 3rd party components and peripheral LED detection
  • Preventing system sleep
  • Taking up way too many CPU cycles
  • Glitchy headset auto-shutdown
  • Crashing in certain games (PUBG)


I guess the main issue was the absurd CPU & RAM it took up just to colour some keyboard lights dynamically? In addition preventing my PC from sleeping really bothered me.


I love the idea behind iCue and it has so much potential but the way that it was built by a 3rd party separate from Corsair and has such a plethora of simple and repeating issues is a massive red flag to me. I'm glad to hear Corsair are building an in-house "2.0" of iCue and am wondering how it's going.



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Also curious to how this is coming along. I have the shutdown/sleep/restart issue. I've been using a workaround fix (rename iCue's cpuid DLLs), but that has disabled some functionality of iCue. I was told by tech support that I have to wait for this next-gen version of iCue.
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