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Seeking Guidance on components icue Compatibility


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I am new to the forums here so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm seeking guidance and an answer to a question regarding icue sequencing throughout a theoretical build as follows:


What I have: h150i cappelix with commander core included and it's 3 fans, 3 separate 140 mm QL fans , and a 3 pack of 120mm LL fans that includes a lighting node pro.


My Question: what is the setup with the least number of connections necessary for all 9 fans to function in sequence with any profile? (How many cocore, co-pro, lighting node pro, RGB hubs, connections, etc at minimum are needed?)



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Because you have three different fans types, you need three different controllers to make them all behave in the intended way. It is possible to combine fans with different LED counts (ML-Elite=8, LL=16, QL=34) on the same controller/channel, but that is hard place to start unless you understand the software. The Commander Core will automatically adjust the LED count for the type with the greatest number and keep each fan separate in the UI to make it a little easier, but that does resolve the fact that one fan has 16 LEDs and the other 34. It will make effects appear jumpy, distorted, or erratic for those with moving patterns.


Each controller/channel is it's own sub-group. Any effect you design or apply will apply to that group of 3 only. There is one global lighting effect that moves from A<->Z along the entire chain of devices (visor), but getting it to sequence exactly as you like in the physical space and across 3 different controllers is a tricky business.


At a minimum, you need two controllers for 9 fans. The Commander Core is required for the AIO to work, so that is one. I would use the Lighting Node Core from the QL pack for the other, unless you plan to add strips as well. Then the Lighting Node Pro is better choice with 2 channels, 1 for fans and 1 for strips or other strip-like RGB devices. It doesn't really matter which fans go on which controller and there is going to be a compromise in one way or another. The right answer probably depends on their physical location in the case and which 2 types you are going to pair together. The QL are the most complex with effectively two synchronized sides of 16. That makes them hard to pair with other types beyond a single fan.


See here for more information: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=173880

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