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Capellix radiator fans pausing on startup

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Hi guys,


So all of a sudden the fans in my 360mm Capellix have started pausing when I boot my pc up.

They will run, they will stop spinning for about 15 seconds then start again when the fans stop most of the time the RGB goes.

I also noticed that my 3 LL120 exhaust fans are also doing this on start up at the same time as well.

They are all connected to the corsair commander node that came with the capellix.

They have only been in my new build for 3 weeks and did not do it for the first 2 weeks so not sure why they have started doing it now, only the past week.

Has anyone had the same thing happen?

The fact they are only nearly a month old and from 2 different suppliers I would hardly think there is a fault in both items.

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