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Unable to use mute switch when headset is plugged into st100 headset stand

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As the title suggests, the in line mute switch on my shp9500 headset does not work when the headset is plugged into the audio jack on the st100 headset stand. This means that microphone will still work when I should be muted.


The mute switch works when plugged into the audio jack directly on my pc case so the problem is with the st100 stand and not the headset or the cable/mute switch.


This has already caused me a lot of grief as I was unaware of this problem until during a work related zoom call where I thought I was muted but I actually wasn't.


Is there a way to fix it and if not would I able to return the product for not working as intended?


Thank you in advance.

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The SHP9500 doesn't have a microphone or even an in-line microphone on the cable. If you are utilizing a third-party cable with an in-line Mic you will need to plug it into the analog jack on your computer if you wish for the analog mute button to work. Otherwise the Audio input and output are handled by the USB audio device of the ST100 in Windows and therefore the mute function will have to be done on the software end.
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