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Corsair H100i Elite Capellix Pump Noise and Whine

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Hi nesteater


On the off chance that it's air bubbles - try resting the computer on its side to force the air into the radiator instead.


It may also be a slightly loose bracket - see if you can screw it in a little tighter (don't go too nuts)

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I had already previously tried to tighten the different screws and none of it helped. I tried to do it again and still nothing.


I've tried to tilt the PC backwards and now I've also tried to rest it on the side and sadly neither did anything to help with the noise once again.

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I think that is normal. I went from a H100i GTX to the H100i Capelllix and mine sounds like that. There is one big thread on here about the pump noise, I also get a sort of motor noise from the fans on the radiator too. I have got used to it now. It does keep my i9 9900k nice and cool though. Are your radiator coolant temps ok??
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