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H100i V2 Odd/Consistent Noise

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I have a noise coming directly from my pump (see picture to see configuration) that is not akin to really any descriptions of common AIO noises that I see as I've been scouring google looking for commonalities with others' issues. I am getting a creaking/groaning noise seemingly every time the pump pushes/pulls (every 4-5 secs) like a frog ribbiting or an old door opening slightly or the vibration of rubber on rubber, not the gurgling or swishing that others describe. It is very audible and annoying and while it does seem to go away when I tilt the case forwards 45 degrees it simply comes right back no matter how long I hold it like that for.


This cooler has been running flawlessly for 3 months now with no issue with this issue coming on suddenly today and making me wish I had simply gone with an air cooler. Would leaving my pc fully on its face for a lot longer than 5 minutes help, I would rather not have to re mount with the pump barbs facing downwards because A) that would put the text at an odd angle and B) I would need to remove and re-apply the thermal paste which I would like to avoid honestly.



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apologies for not getting back sooner, thought i had it set to get an email notification if i got any replies. Ok so it does go away when I tilt it completely on its back (I had been tilting it on its face which only temporarily got rid of the noise). I am one of those that generally keeps my pc on all the time, could that be the problem and making sure I have a consistent shutdown schedule help make sure this isnt a recurring problem?
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