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ML120 RGB Fans Not Lit Properly - H100i Capellix


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Had the AIO installed for 4 months. Fans and pump function properly and hooked up to the Commander Core Pro that came in the box with the AIO. Fans are the ML120 Pro RGB. Never really noticed a problem until I decided to add a third ML120 RGB fan as an exhaust. When I was messing with lighting effects in iCUE, I noticed that not all LEDs were coming on. I believe each fan comes with 8 LEDs and only 4 were lighting up for each fan. So basically half the fan is lit. iCUE also only recognizes 4 LEDs on the interface (Im not sure if that's normal for those with these exact fans). I think the problem was already happening when I first installed the AIO because I remember only seeing that 4 LEDs were recognized on iCUE. Never really bothered me before maybe because I could not see the two radiator fans mounted on top but now that I added a third RGB fan for the exhaust, it doesn't look right. Attached some pics for you folks. Any help is appreciated!



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You have two different fans in the case. The two ML that came with the AIO are ML-Elite (8 LEDs). The one you bought is a ML-Pro RGB (4 LEDs). Corsair has not made the 8 LED elite available for retail purchase.


The Commander Core should auto-detect the mixed fan types then use the highest LED count. In this instance all the fans should appear in the UI as 8 LEDs. You can force it to restrict in the settings or manually override it in lighting setup as “SP-PRO/Elite x 3”. That will generate the 3 fans. The extra 4 LEDs on the UI for the ML-RGB simply aren’t rendered. That might be perceived as as a slight pause and the end of a sequential lighting effect.

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I also had the same issue, so I did some poking around and found a solution that worked for me!


In iCUE, navigate to your H100i Capellix's settings, where you can change the lighting etc.


Click on "Lighting setup", and at the bottom of your screen, select the drop-down box.


Then select which fans you have installed, while yes you may have 2 different types of fans installed, just select "SP RGB PRO/ELITLE", they have 8 LEDs that are addressable. Any other fans that may have fewer LEDs, and that can be controlled by iCUE, should all still light up too.


I chose "Autodetect" as I only have 2 ML Elites. The rest of my fans are the older SP120's, which are controlled via the control hub built into my 570x, so they're not software bound. I'd like for them to be controlled via iCUE though, unsure if I am able to do that.


Image attached below, forgive the discord link lol



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