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Dfi Nf4 Sli-dr + Xms4400 C25 ??


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I keep hearing the XMS4400 C25 and the DFI nF4 SLI-DR have some incompatibility issues... but I have both and see nothing wrong.


I was just wondering if there is an oficial bulletin, memo, or something about any of this, and how can I avoid it. I have the latest BIOS in my DFI.


For the record I am able to overclock very well, a Winchester is running 305 x 8 24/7, and I was able to run 2.7 ghz @ 10 x 270 with out incidents.

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HAHA, well I thought it could be that too.


Again I am able to run flawlessly at 305 x 8, no errors with Memtest at all, and that using CL2.5 4 4 7 timings and 2.87 volts.


I did see some strangeness, like some lower than 305 mhz frequencies not working properly... maybe it was the voltage, or the timings, but it felt like it ran better at 305 mhz than 270 mhz for example, which is not posible... right?


I am still testing the system, I am going to try a 3200+ Venice next week... if I see something I will return and report it.

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