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Lighting node pro is changing colors on Corsair fans LL120 and QL120

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Ok so a month ago I posted how I had a new build with all QL120's except the LL120's that are on the CPU Cooler. I posted pics how different the LED's looked, how the QL120s which are plugged into a lightning node pro are softer, washed out and don't match the LED's on the LL120 or the memory sticks. Someone posted that yeah, sometimes LED's don't look the same especially between different models. That didn't really sit well with me, but I couldn't take my system apart easily to test my theory that the Lightning Node Pro is a big piece of crap causing issues.




So today I built a machine for my wife, Corsair 280x RGB case with the same CPU cooler (H100i RGB SE). The case has 2 LL120's in the front from corsair and the cooler has 2 LL120s as well.


Once again, the colors on the LL120's plugged into the Lightning Node look off, same as my QL120s.


So this time, I plugged in one of the LL120's from the CPU Cooler into the Lightning Node Pro, and BOOM, same ****TY washed out colors. (Left is standard fan, Right is plugged into the Lightning Node Pro)




Needless to say, I'm pissed. Anyone out there care to comment as to why the Lightning Node Pro is causing issues? Is there a better RGB controller out there, because I'm tired of my fans looking like trash.


Or maybe Corsair can fix their RGB controller.....





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Twitter support for Corsair said the color on the cooler controller is different then the RGB controller and to just use the RGB controller.


Hello. The controller on the cooler is different and does not completely match the lighting color with our other controllers unfortunately. You'll need to manually adjust the coloring if the setting you've selected looks a bit different between the controllers. The ideal solution would be to connect all the fans to the same hub/controller.


I'm shocked Corsair actually sells stuff like this. It's insane to me they can't even make an effort to get the colors right on $40 a piece fans.

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That looks really weird, because it's ARGB.. all fans receive the same data from iCUE but the colors are off..

From my experience with LL fans, it's the ones on the H100i that look too white. LLs have a slight blue hue to them when set to white usually.

I wonder if it could be caused by a slightly lower supply voltage, maybe higher load on the 5V on the AIO. Blue LED dies have the highest forward voltage, so they are usually the first to dim when voltage goes down.


Are the AIO and LNP on the same SATA cable from the PSU?

Maybe you could test connecting them on separate cables, see if the hue changes?

White is the most power hungry setting, so maybe that's a clue as to why the AIO is not as blue as it should be.


Usually when setting static white on LLs, i used to pick a color slightly off center on the color wheel, towards orange, to correct that blue tone.

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I'll try that tonight, but right now it's all running on a single cable for my wife's computer. If the cable or power was a problem, I'd think it would be impacting all lights.


I'll separate it out.


Just the fact that Corsair said "Yeah sorry this is expected" makes me think they have this feedback and they refuse to fix it. It's a lousy experience for expensive gear like this.

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