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RMA Approved, got sent wrong part


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Good morning, so i got a hs50 headset it is my first one, but after one year the microphone just suddenly stopped working and already issues with audio that i just let them by, contacted support the response time was about 2 weeks, but i was really patient so i just waited, after a month and a half i received the package, I was really hyped and then really sad to see what i got was a pair of ear pads as a replacement, they told me to open another ticket, so i did, the thing is, im bussy in the week and only have time in the weekends, after one month and a half without playing without my friends in my free time, and to wait another month and a half, its not a thing i would love to, im kinda disapointed about this and just planning maybe just try another brand, or something else, but still giving it a try, I hope someone can help me, has anyone else had the same experience? Thanks


Old support ticket number: 2003918215

New support ticket number: 2004082839


Thanks have a good one

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