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Second XD5 RGB Pump is really loud too.

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i have Lian Li DK-05x Desk Case and was able to mount the XD5 RGB Pump inside it, placed in the middle and attached it directly to the underside of the table with the bracket supplied, as it were stated in the manual.


My System is a 10980xe, stable at 4,9ghz allcore.

I use 1x 480mm XR7 and 2x 360mm XR7 for cooling the CPU.


My only is problem is the Noise Level of the Pump, if i run them over 2100rpm, it get really loud :(


It is my second XD5, because the first was defect on arrive, so how can get i quieter or did i something wrong? Is the XD5 faulty too?



Here is a Short Video, the Pump run at 3000rpm



Also a picture, about the Mounting






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Every D5 based pump I have ever owned in life and from every brand has had a noticeable harmonic disturbance somewhere between 2500-3500 rpm. The exact point was different on each motor and also varies with the case and mount. The level of flow restriction may shift it as well, so it could change if you add/remove another block/radiator. My point here is to avoid the midrange if you are getting heavy vibrations/resonance around a specific speed.


You can go lower for the desktop. I have heavy power draw hardware and 3 blocks and 3 radiators. 1750 rpm is still plenty at the desktop for normal work. Try going higher than 3000. My nasty spot on my current XD5 is about 3500 rpm and 4000 rpm is actually much quieter. You can make a curve with a sudden leap from 1750 to 4000 (or wherever) across 1 degree or simply toggle it from the low set curve to a fixed RPM/PWM % when you are getting ready to run extended load.

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