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Firmware Problem

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I have a Corsair k55 RGB I have had it for almost 2 years and was working fine. iCUE was not seeing the keyboard at all so I followed the Reset Directions on the support site by unplugging the keyboard than by Holding (PageUp/PageDown) While Plugging the keyboard back in and got the (Memory, NumLock,Caplock,Winlock) lights to flash together I also Tryed the (FN/F4) key hold while Plugging in. Now iCUE sees the Keyboard But says it needs firmware but when I click on the update I get a "The Firmware updates not avalilable or failed to load for k55 RGB" message.


I have looked all over the net for a standalone firmware for the K55 RGB but can't find one. I have found Standalone firmware for other Corsair Keyboards not one for the K55 RGB


If anyone can help me please let me know

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i have a brand new "rig" and thinking about buying a K55 membrane rgb keyboard....

I plan to connect it to one of the 2 usb2.0 ports on the back. have icue v4.9.350 installed, and W10 Pro 20H2. Should i have problems in recognizing kb by icue and update FW eventually?

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