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I can't change the RGB of my six QL120 fans by iCue, they remain always white


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Things that I've already done:

- Restart the PC

- Turn off/on the PC

- I've clicked on "Restart" from Restart iCue Service


Nothing that I've done fixed the problem.


The RGB of my water cooler works just fine and I can change it by iCue... the problem is the six QL fans.


I have 1 Commander Pro and 1 Lighting Node Core.

The Lighting Node Core has the 6 fans connected to it and it is connect at the Commander Pro. The Water Cooler also is connected to the Commander Pro.




As you can see at the second image, I've set the "Rainbow Channel" and my fans still white.


This happened to me today 02/26/2021.

I've this rig for almost 3 months.

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