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Missing a cable


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After a long and frustrating search I have finally realized that I am missing a cable for my RM650x.

Not only a literal search of the cables in the box, but also a search through the specs of the RM650x ("Why does it say 4x PCIE when there are only 3x PCIE outputs on the PSU, and how can that ever count as 4x PCIE?")


The RM650x should come with two 8-pin to 8 + (6+2)-pin cables (Y-split) but I only have one of them in the box. This was never a problem as I only needed one, but now that I want to add a second GPU, I am running into this issue..


How can I get a second cable? I dont want to buy a random cable because I dont want to risk a fire due to incompatibility issues.


Thanks in advance.

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I have an RM650 and it came with a pair of pigtail PCIe cables (the ones that have dual connectors) and my PSU has four 8-pin connectors along with three 6-pin peripheral connectors



evidently the earlier RM650x has one less than my PSU



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