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4000x + H115i Elite Capellix. SP120 RGB Pro for rear exhaust?


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I'm looking to do a new build in the 4000x case. Was planning to use the 3 RGB Fans that come included with the case in the front, use an H115i Capellix on top and was looking to get one additional fan for the rear exhaust. Was planning on using the Commander CORE that came with the Capellix to control all the fans/RGB.


My question is what is the best fan to use for rear exhaust. I was leaning towards the SP120 RGB Pro, because thats what it seems many people have done, but its not PWM. Is that a problem? Can it still be controlled by the Commander Core? Or would the fan need to be controlled by a motherboard header?


Is there not an equivalent fan that can be purchased standalone with same RGB layout and PWM?

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Unfortunately the Commander Core is a PWM controller only, so the DC 3 pin SP-Pro will be stuck at max. The ML-Elite (8 LED) that come with the AIO and the SP-Elite (8) that come with the case are not available at retail. You can check Corsair's spare part list on the website, but I think everyone else had the same idea. I am afraid to look at what they sell for on Ebay or elsewhere.


If all else fails, one possible solution would be to get a single ML-RGB (4 LED). It will look similar to the other fans with 4 center mounted LEDs instead of 8, but if you stick it and the end of the chain (position 6) it won't mess up the other effects. This could be a decent remedy until better options become available. The alternative would be SP-Pro for lighting, but on the MB for speed control.

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That's unfortunately what I figured. Thanks for confirming.


Anyone know if corsair is planning to release the ML-Elite or SP-Elite for individual purchase anytime soon? Might just hold off on getting a rear exhaust altogether and wait.

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Everyone has been asking that since the second those two fans appeared on the new products. It is Corsair's policy not to say until it happens and manufacturing scheduling issues are the theme of the year. I would not hold my breathe while waiting, but like everyone else I would really like to see them.
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