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Help Requested: Dark Core Pro mouse acting up

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About a week or so ago, my mouse started acting up on me. It wasn't performing very well with regards to tracking itself on a lap desk I use, so I started goofing with the settings, and on the one hand, I think I made it better, but on the other, maybe not.


I started by connecting it wired, and it worked better, but not wanting it wired, I tried (successfully) to set it up on bluetooth. However, I didn't want it on bluetooth permanently, mostly because I go into my BIOS frequently and it works on the proprietary wireless, but not on bluetooth. But that cancelled out my dongle connection.


SO... I initiated a repairing of the dongle and mouse, which went smoothly, but now I can't connected wired, and the bluetooth connection got lost and won't repair.


Anybody smarter than me have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions on how best to handle this problem? The mouse is still under warranty, but this just doesn't feel like a "get a new one and it will fix your issue" problem to me.


Or perhaps it is, who knows.



I'm a 20 year IT pro, I can't get this flummoxed over a mouse, can I????

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Hi KevyKevTPA,


Is this on one of the new ARM M1 processor Macbooks? Or on PC? If on Mac, this is a known issue with the new M1 architecture and Big Sur - unfortunately if this is the case, we(i.e. everyone) just have to wait for an update on Apple's end.


If this is happening on PC, something else is going on -- most likely wireless interference on the 2.4 bandwidth.


Honestly your best bet here is to open an actual ticket with support, which will let us work directly with you on getting some system information -- you can use the link at the top of the page to open a ticket.

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