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H100 High Pump RPM


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Hello All


i have just built a system running excellent for 8 weeks, then all of a sudden i start hearin pump whine upon checking the h100 pump is running at 2000ish RPM in quiet mode, where as the fans are running around 400ish RPM

coolant temp around 30c with PC in Idle,


now i have tested out all the profiles, and i know in Quiet mode the pump does not go above 1000RPM, in balance and extreme mode everything does get louder, but when i hit quiet mode again, the fans go back down to 400RPm, but the pump is consistently at 2000 RPM even in idle, it never goes down, this problem only started happening in the last 7 days.


does anyone have any solution to this?


i have attached a photo to show the problem,




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2000 rpm is the lowest pump setting on the Platinum series coolers. Originally it was ~2350 rpm but was lowered via firmware update quite a long time back. Only the Pro series coolers do the ultra low 1100 rpm pump speed.


The presets have different meanings for the fans and pump. For the fans it is a preset curve with specific temp X = fan speed Y points. You can see them by creating a custom curve (Performance Tab +), then clicking on the three shape tools in the upper right corner of the graph. For the pump, it is three fixed speeds akin to low/medium/high.

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Thank you for your reply


i have physically seen 1100RPM on the pump for the last 8 weeks, this is the reason why im concerned, because on around 1000 RPM there was no pump wine, but now i can hear it, ui used to hear it on balance mode in 2000 RPM mode , but then i would put the pump on quiet and it would go back down to 1000/1200Rpm , but now it is consistently at 1900-2000RPM,


i refuse to believe 2000 RPM is the minimum speed it operates at ???

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In your screenshot you are showing a white Platinum H100i SE. It does not and cannot run below 2000 rpm. Those pump speeds are not adjustable.


Watch out if using other full spectrum monitoring programs that poll Corsair internal devices. Example include HWiNFO and AIDA. They clash with CUE trying to poll the same devices and common results are impossible temps/fan speeds or simply missing elements from the UI. There does not appear to be any evidence of that at this point, but if you are really sure the pump was running 1000 rpm and you were not running any other monitoring programs that might corrupt the displayed value, you should probably contact Corsair Support.

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