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Need suggestions on new custom loop build


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I have an RTX 3080 and an I7-9700k.


My GPU is currently air cooled and the CPU is using an AIO from Corsair.

I have been planning on upgrading to a custom loop using Hydro X - both CPU and GPU.


I wanted to know if it’s sufficient to be using 2 x 280mm radiators for cooling.

The plan is to have one 280mm rad at the top as an exhaust. And another 280mm rad at the bottom as an intake.


I have a Corsair 680x case, with 3 x QL120 intake fans at the front, and 1 x QL140 exhaust fan at the back.

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i did run that CPU and a 2080 on that case on 2x280mm. i'd say even with 100W more of TDP you should be pretty fine.

If you pop out the top glass panel in summer, you'll be very fine :)

Some run front intake and top/bottom exhaust with good results too (no dust filters on the rads = better airflow).


That said, it's a very narrow case so you'll have to plan carefully where to put the pump/res combo.

GPU Vertical mount is the easiest solution.

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You should fine in terms of heat dissipation. I ran a 2080 Ti and 8700K overclocked to the limit and that would be comparable on total power. Only boredom made me move on.


The 680/740 cases are not overly long. GPU length becomes critical. When I had my shorter Titan X in there, I ran a reverse flow with top/front exhaust. On the 740 that isn't such a bad idea. You have glass to contend with up there instead. Bottom radiator intake, top radiator exhaust oddly does work unlike most cases, but it requires a pretty forceful flow from the front to keep the lower radiator waste heat from polluting the upper radiators intake temp. If you do go top and bottom, you likely are better as both exhaust or both intake, then adjust the front/rear fan(s) to the opposite direction.


The pump and reservoir are tricky. People that put it inside the front half usually need to put it high off the front. That is a bit awkward. I was much happier putting in the rear compartment, out of the heat zone and cleaning things up visually.

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