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Need help setting up 12 fan cooling (mixed type fans)

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Looking for guidance on setting up below fans to work together. Looking over some diagrams that came up on google search I was bit confused still on some of the connections on it (specifically around CoPro).


Corsair H115i RGB Plat AIO Liquid Cpu cooler 280mm (dual ML140 PRO) X1

SP120 Pro fans 120MM X7

LL120 RGB 120mm X 3


Total 12 fans


Commander Pro (CoPro) x1

Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) x1

Corsair Lighting Node Core x2

Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub x1


non corsair part

4pin powered Sata power hub for 8 fans.


Am I able to use the two Lighting Node cores to connect all 12 RGB cables and connect the USBs from the Nodes into the CoPro? Co Pro would then also power 6 of the funds, and my non corsair 4 pin power hub for the other 6?


thanks in advance!

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Hi Ironmadman,


You would need to connect the SP and LL fans to different LED Hubs or Commander Cores, as mixing them can cause issues with the RGB.


As for the PWM, you can attach them to any suitable controller - although I would strongly recommend that you choose some that run from the same control software if you intend to control the RPM from Windows.


~ Mordred

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Platinum AIO RGB controller - 2 ML RGB Fans


Commander Pro - RGB channel (1 or 2) - 3 LL fans

- Other RGB channel 6 SP-Pro fans

Both of these require a RGB Lighting Hub to connect to the RGB channel and provide power.


The messy bit is the 7th SP-Pro fan. Two options: 1) Stick it with the LL fans on that channel as a "4th LL". The SP-Pro only has 8 LEDs and will occupy 1/2 of the UI fan picture. However, it's not going to be able to do the same lighting effects as an LL (no ring) and will act like an odd end piece. 2) 3rd party RGB fan splitter. This would let you put the 7th SP on with one of the other 6. It will become a duplicate of the fan it is paired with, not a 7th fan in series. These are 3rd party wiring and not officially supported, but they do work. Which one is better may depend on how the fans are arranged in the case as each "channel" will act like a lighting group. You probably don't want fans in the same group randomly slotted all over the case.


You may only have 1 RGB Lighting Hub from the 3 pack of LL fans. The SP-Pro come with a Lighting Node Core which is a single RGB channel for up to 6 fans. If this is true, either LL or SP-Pro can go on the Lighting Node Core or Commander Pro RGB channel, but they will be on the different controllers. This has little impact except on the initial wiring. The Lighting Node Pro from the LL pack and the extra Lighting Node Core from the SP-Pro pack won't be used, but hang on to them. They have value for expansion, troubleshooting, etc.

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Thanks for the replies!


I got fans running and powered and while color sync is not important atm, im wondering actually if corsair RGB has caused issues with boot loops?


Is it possible to run just fans and un plug the RGB cables from their controllers as a test? A friend had an issue on his custom PC where corsair software caused some major issues and he managed to get it run after disabling his RGBs but id like to be sure that this is a .. safe thing to do?


Hope to hear from you soon.



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You always can disconnect the RGB plugs from the controllers or disconnect the RGB controller from the USB Hub or SATA power (probably easier). For the Commander Pro you would disconnect the RGB hub from the RGB Ch 1/2 on the Commander. The RGB lighting has no effect on fan motor functionality.


That said, the physical lighting is unlikely to be cause this kind of thing. The only possibility would a very high 5v draw on one specific SATA cable and the expected result would be a hard shutdown, not a boot loop. Those tend to either be RAM related or possible OS boot issues if it gets that far along.

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