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Lightning Issue


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I bought a new PC and I decided finally to use 9 LL120.


I connected 3 fans to the AiO and the RGB to the RGB HUB 1 plugged in the Ligthning Node Pro 1, LED1, then 6 fans in the commander pro and the RGB HUB 2 plugged in the Lightning Node 1, LED2. In the Lightning Node 2 I have 4 strips. At the very beggining was fine when I build the PC and manage the cable but once I connected the all cable and installed W10, downloaded iCue to sync RGB only recognized me the 3 fans in the AiO. I tried adding them in the software but they are OFF. I did verified the cable and also reconnected them but the 6 fans still off. Tried also changing the RGB HUB, changing to a LED1 in the lightning node instead the commander pro and still not working.


Is there another configuration that I should try? Because by now it only shows the 3 fans of the AiO and the strips. Also Im able to see the 6 fans on iCue lighting but in the case are off.

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