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urgent help needed - H100i pro RGB AIO cooler

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Hi all,


New to the forum.

I'm currently trying to sort an issue out regarding my AIO cooler.


Model: H100i pro RGB

Issue: Melted SATA cable


I've recently contacted customer service about the RMA policy, in regards the above mentioned AIO cooler, but unfortunately I was told that nothing can be done to help me with the warranty.


Long story short, in August last year I was facing major issues where my computer was constantly rebooting in a loop due to high temperatures, turned out it was the old cooler. Once that I was unsure about the reason behind those constant reboots until I decided to take the computer to be seen by a professional tech.


The tech installed a new AIO cooler ( H100i pro RGB ) but it didn't last too long. Less than 100 hours of usage later the cooler stopped working and the computer almost set on fire after the case get completely covered in smoke.

Turns out that he used a very poor quality molex to SATA cable, as per highlighted by Corsair expert. The shop where the AIO was installed is also refusing to replace/refund the item because I only found out about the melted after stripping off the computer.


I just wanted to know if there is any possible that I can try to do to save the cooler, please.



- pr0xyc -


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Jeez that's scary.


If you are comfortable with micro soldering you could just attach a new SATA cable but if it's taken damage you can't be sure that the pump PCB isn't fried. Can you still get ICUE to recognise the device via USB without the SATA cable connected?


Alternatively you could try and source a 2nd hand pump/PCB which comes with all connections and would have a working SATA cable


See pics attached.



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