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LS100 Freezes and Disappears from iCUE


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I have an open support ticket going for this, but we haven't made much progress so I'm hoping to croudsource some help.


Problem: New LS100 Starter Kit initially loads up in iCUE but then it freezes when I try to change lighting programs on it. Device gets stuck on a static lighting pattern and stops responding to iCUE app. Then the light strips either go dark entirely or return to the default Spiral Rainbow pattern and disappears from iCUE.


Other facts:

-LS100 works fine in iCUE on my old laptop - where it is immediately responsive to lighting changes in app. Laptop can correctly run all the lighting settings except for Video Lighting (old machine). So the problem is clearly with my newly built desktop.

-A different Corsair device, the Lighting Node Pro works fine in iCUE on desktop (LED strips responding immediately to lighting profile changes). So the problem is just with the LS100 on my new desktop.

-In order to troubleshoot this I have tried: Flashing motherboard BIOS to latest version. Updating all hardware drivers. Full OS reinstall including formatting hard drive so I have literally nothing installed but Windows and iCUE. Have submitted system log reports to Corsair Support team.

-I have seen people mention conflicts with Nvidia and GSync, how do I explore this?

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