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Scimitar mouse disconnecting/reconnecting constantly.

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Hey there,


This has been the third Scimitar mouse that has the same problem. The mouse will randomly disconnect/reconnect itself frequently. Also, I have problems with the RGB STRAFE keyboard and RGB K95 keyboard.


I have:

- repaired ICUe, deinstalled, reinstalled, even reformatted my computer.

- tried it on other computer.

- flashed firmware.

- cleared onboard storage.

- changed the computer power setting.

- removed the USB power-off option.

- tried multiple USB port on same and different computer.

- Disabled/Enable SDK.

- Deleted/reinstalled USB Root Hub

- Tried multiple way to fix it from what I have read on the forum etc.


Also, iCUE seem to be crashing constantly and there has been that weird bug where everytime I right click the iCUE system icon to see the menu, it will bring the menu in the middle right of my main screen ( my task bar is on my second screen at the right of the screen).


So yeah, the scimitar is the mouse that best fit my hand and also my need, so it would suck to have to move to another mouse or have to buy new mouse every time due to this malfunction. As for the keyboard, I wanted to have one set of the same kind to fit with the software, but yeah... it's becoming troublesome to stay with iCUE and corsair product now...

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Hi Zaraky,


This is potentially being caused by a software conflict with iCUE. Please review the below helpdesk article -- the wording mentions for RGB conflicts specifically, but truly this applies to any kind of conflict with iCUE, and very well could apply here:




If this doesn't help, please open a ticket with support for further troubleshooting steps.

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